Album Reviews


"....With a choice of songs as long as your arm to choose from he has selected
eighteen tracks to represent his career with the band.  Including as it does
"The Road Of Tears", "Jenny O' The Braes" and "The Pleasure Will Be Mine"
these are but the tip of the iceberg on an album of treasures.........."

Pete Fyfe



'A great collection of material which shows off his excelent
songwriting and enjoyable CD that focuses on Alan Reid's
amazing contribution to Scottish music'
Living Tradition


Sollte jemand den kompositorischen Input Reids in das Repertoire der Batties
unterschätzt haben, nach diesen 18 formidablen Tracks dürfte das kaum
noch möglich sein. Vom ergreifenden „The Road Of Tears“ über
die Glasgow-Hymne „The Dear Green Place“ bis „Christ Has My Heart Ay“.
18 wirklich großartige Lieder! Die Battlefield Band wird Alan Reid
mit Sicherheit vermissen. Uns bleibt das hoffentlich erspart.

Folker (German Folk Magazine)